by Permahorn



Mixed and mastered by KRAMER at NOISE Miami


Lynch Mob

Do you want me to leave you to it?
I assume you want me to refresh your memory, yet again
Ah, it's only fair that you can ask me anything
And I promise I won't turn it round on you
But it didn't need much encouragement

I'm not going to get bored of you
But you are
You have all the time if you want
And for some reason you slipped through

My picture doesn't even show up now
But I seem to have a face again
And a name

I'm so happy
To be part of a crowd
I feel safe
With all the people all around
You can be the centre
Of attention if you want
I will come and cut you down
Just as soon as they have gone

I had a picture of that one in my room
You should know better than to trust me
You'll get tired of me in my underwear
The door was open the whole time
And I'm starting to wonder if this is all a dream

I just came across a photo of you
You used to look like lots of things
So I'll be completely oblivious
And I can bring you a cocktail for the road
You may suffer the same fate
Do you want me to leave you to it?


Yes, I agree
That you, you dance better than that whore
She hit the roof
Aw but you, you just did it on the floor
She gets paid
But us, we're just happy amateurs.



released July 25, 2016
Words and music: Mitchell/Pesic

Bass, weirdness, dancing: Jexy Pesic
Guitars, vocals, payment: Saint Pauly



all rights reserved


Permahorn London, UK

London-based Scottish/Serbian lo-fi duo mining superior alternative sounds under the protective wing of Shimmy Disc producer KRAMER (Galaxie 500, Bongwater, Daniel Johnston, Half Japanese, Shockabilly, Butthole Surfers, Low). Permahorn is Jexy Pesic (vocals, bass, melodica, venom) and Saint Pauly (vocals, guitars, knobs). ... more

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